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Tooloom Falls Campground


Tooloom Falls is currently closed to visitors UNTIL JUNE 2021. The closure follows concerns raised by the Githabul Aboriginal Community about the site. The impacts of camping along with recent drought has killed many trees within the 2-hectare Aboriginal Area. The closure will allow NPWS to deal with the hazardous trees and work with the Githabul Community on planning for future uses of the area. 

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Tooloom Falls Campground 


Address: Turn onto Tooloom Falls Road, 3km from Urbenville.


GPS: 28°30'46"S 152°31'36"E


Cost: Free


Booking: No bookings taken.


Tooloom Falls Campground is a free bush site very close to Urbenville.  There are long-drop toilets.  Wood BBQ's and areas for fires however you must bring your own firewood. Great waterfall as well.

Up to date as of October 2015

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