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Punsand Bay Campground

Bamaga, Cape York

Punsand Bay Campground - Bamaga (Cape York)


Address:  Bamaga, Cape York 

GPS:   -10.723125, 142.463773


Cost:  from $34 per couple per night.  Check website link below for up to date price information

Booking:  Book online:

Or call (07) 4069 1722 to make a booking.  

The Punsand Bay campground sits right on a beautiful beach and amongst shady trees.  There are many designated sites but it does pay to book as it gets very busy in the peak season.  There is a swimming pool and bar which serves amazing pizzas!  Don't be put off by the green colour of the pool water, this is just because bore water is used and it is perfectly clean.  The ammenities are great and most times you'll be showering with gorgeous green tree frogs.  This is a great base for exploring the top of the Cape.  The road into the area is graded dirt road with lots of corrugations and dust holes so be aware and take it slow while driving.  

Up to date as of September 2017

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