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Ormiston Gorge Campground

West MacDonnell NP

Ormiston Gorge campground - West MacDonnell NP


Address:  Turn onto Ormiston Gorge Access road from Namatjira Drive and follow the road until the end.  

GPS: 23°37'57"S 132°43'29"E

Cost: $10.00 per person per night. 

Booking:  Bookings cannot be made at this campground.

The Ormiston Gorge campground is divided into designated sites.  There is a small kiosk beside the camping area and it's a very short walk to the waterhole which is stunningly beautiful.

The drive into this area is lovely and well worth a visit.  This area is also a stop-over for the Larapinta Trail and there is a walk to the top of the gorge lookout. 

Ormiston Gorge
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