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Old Yuleba Town Camping Area


Old Yuleba Camping Area - Yuleba


Address:  Mongool Road, Yuleba.                                                           Turn onto Mongool Road from Forestry Road and follow the road past Judds Lagoon camping area.  There is a Historical Marker signalling the entry to this area. 


GPS: 26°41'50"S 149°25'59"E   


Cost: Free


Booking:  Bookings cannot be made for this campground.


The Old Yuleba Town camping area marks the spot where the township was first settled in 1865.  There is a marker with information and a few palm trees.  There were rubbish bins when we were here however no other facilities apart from fire pits.  Large open grassy areas. 

Historical Marker pointing to area on right. Only a short distance further than from Judds Lagoon.

Up to date as of end May 2016

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