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Newnes Camping Area

Wollemi National Park

Newnes Camping Area - Wollemi National Park

Address: Wolgan Road, Newnes (Glen Davis)

GPS: 33°10'19"S 150°14'17"E


Cost/Bookings:  Free.  You cannot book for this camping area. 


The Newnes camping area is set in a gorgeous open area surrounded by amazing sandstone cliffs and escarpements.  Within walking distance are the Newnes Industrial Ruins consisting of the ruins of old shale oil mining days. There are also glow worm caves to discover not too far away and this is a fantastic place to spend a few days.  Within the camping area there are approximately 80 sites, drop toilets, picnic tables and firepits.  This is a beautiful national park with plenty of wildlife, bush walks and water holes.  

Up to date as of May 2017

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