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Mooraback Camping Area

Werrikimbe National Park

Mooraback Camping Area - Werrikimbe National Park

Address: Mooraback Rest Area Road, Yarrowich

GPS:  31°8'51"S 152°12'53"E


Bookings:  Bookings cannot be made and are not necessary for this campground. 


Cost:  FREE

The Mooraback Camping Area is a great little camping spot surrounded by bushland.  There are grassy mowed sites and each site has a firepit and table. There is firewood for use here.  There are drop toilets.  Really lovely spot. 

To get to this camp on Mooraback Trail you must have a 4WD and the trail is not passable in the wet as it is clay based and very slippery.  You would not take a trailer unless it was a small off-road trailer with a good hitch.   

Up to date as of May 2017

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