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Lake Broadwater Camping Area

Lake Broadwater Conservation Park

Lake Broadwater Camping Area

- Lake Broadwater National Park


Address:  Lake Broadwater Road, Dalby

GPS:    27°21'9"S 151°5'32"E  


Cost: $6.00 per person per night, or $22.00 per family per night.  (Family means up to 4 persons)


Booking:  Self-register upon arrival - booth at entrance.

The Lake Broadwater camping area has large open grassy areas to set up your camp site.  The area is right on the lake.  There area hot showers and toilets which are free to use.  Fires are permitted.  When we were there, the lake was very low and closed to recreation. There is a playground for children. 

Lake Broadwater Camping Area

Up to date as of end May 2016

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