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Hungry Gate Campground

Hat Head National Park

Hungry Gate Campground - Hat Head NP

Address:  Hungry Rd, Hat Head

GPS:  31°4'45"S 153°2'31"E


Bookings:  Bookings cannot be made for this campground and is on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Cost:  $6.00 per adult and $3.50 per child per night.  Pay at pay station on arrival.  


The Hungry Gate campground is a large grassy area surrounded by large sanddunes.  There is a walkway to the beach but is quite long.  There are picnic tables, drop toilets and firepits. Closeby is vehicle beach access for vehicles with permits.  The road into the camping area is a little rough dirt road but still accessible by 2WD. 

Up to date as of May 2017

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