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Glastonbury Creek camping area

Brooyar State Forest

Glastonbury Creek camping area (Brooyar State Forest)

Address:  Greendale Rd, Glastonbury

GPS: 26°9'19"S 152°33'5"E  


Cost:  $6.15 per adult per night or $3.40 per child/student per night



Book online at                                              or call 13 74 68.


The Glastonbury Creek camping area is located within the Brooyar State Forest and has large open areas for camping.  A maximum of 120 people can camp here.  There are fire pits and composting drop toilets and a number of walking tracks.  While we were here there was not much water in the creek however when the creek is running there appear to be lovely waterholes for swimming.  There are also water taps which are not for drinking.   

Up to date February 2017