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Matt and Lize Bloomfield
Jul 4, 2018

Live2Camp's camping setup.


Edited: Jul 4, 2018

We love our camping setup and use it every where we go in Australia. It's consists of our trusty 2005 GU4 Nissan Patrol with 2inch lift, bullbar and winch, roof rack and of course snorkel. We also tow behind us what we think is one of the best camper trailers in Australia, a Track Trailer Tvan. The camper sits behind us everywhere we go and has never let us down. If you have any questions in relation to our set up, or just want to ask a question about your set up, fire away! We would love to hear from you.

Oct 15

Hi i would love to hear more about your TVAN. What model and year is it and how do you have it set up. Have you had to do any modifications to it. We are seriously thinking about buying one but it is quite expensive so would like so to know the pros and the cons. thanks

Matt and Lize Bloomfield
Oct 15


We bought our Tvan brand new directly from Track Trailer back in 2014, it was one of the first MK4 that they released and it's the Tanami model. We decided on this model after speaker to a manager at Track Trailer at a show and he suggested we buy this model and put the add on's in that we wanted. Back then, this turned out cheaper than buying the Canning a salesman at a dealership had tried to sell us even though ours is now very close to a Canning with only one or two things missing. We also decided we didn't want a box on the front due to it adding to the ball weight and we already had our fridge set up in the back of our 4wd. We do run a second small fridge in the van though which just sits on the shelf at the end of the bed. We were like you and looked at everything that was on the market before deciding to buy a Tvan and we really couldn't go past them in the end, even though they were a little bit more expensive.

There are a couple of reasons why we decided to buy one. Firstly, we knew that we were going to be doing a lot of remote, rough 4wd drive travelling filming campsites, so we wanted something that would not let us down in the middle of nowhere. For this reason, we couldn't go past the fact that they were made in Australia and could call them easily from anywhere if we had a problem. We also really like the suspension system, it seemed a lot more robust then the standard off road suspension that every other camper in the market comes with. So far, we have taken it up the Old Tele Track in Cape York, into parts of the Simpson Desert, Flinders Ranges, Victorian High Country as well as all the Islands in Qld and it has never let us down. In fact, I have never had to do any mechanical work on it whilst we have been on a trip other than tightening the odd screw after hours of corrugations.

Secondly, after having used a canvas soft floor camper for many years, we did not want to sleep under canvas any more. As we tend to only spend a night in one spot, we didn't want to be mucking around packing up wet canvas in the morning or worry about rain dripping on our heads at night if it is pouring rain. We actually really enjoy sleeping in it when it is raining now! Thirdly, we wanted something that was really quick and easy to set up. We love the different set ups it has and have found that it is so easy to set up and pack up that even on overnight stops we still set up the back tent part. We just don't put up the annex. This makes it a very comfortable camper.

Lastly, we don't like towing something really big and heavy behind us as we do go up a lot of rough roads and quite often up beach's on our own. I am currently towing it with an MQ Triton and I don't even noticed it on the back, it just follows along behind us. I have never had any problems getting it through anywhere I have been able to get my car.

There are a few cons we have found though with owning a Tvan but none of them are really to do with the Tvan but more to do with Track Trailer. Firstly, if you don't live in Melbourne it is very hard to find places to service them or any one who knows anything about them. We live in Brisbane and I have tried a couple of different places who claimed they could do it but they did a terrible job. So, I have taught myself through the Tvan forum to service it myself. It really isn't that hard and you can buy the parts from Track Trailer and I guess this saves me money. It's also handy to know how everything works in case something goes wrong on the tracks. 

Secondly, Track Trailers customer service after you buy one is pretty poor. If you call their service department to ask a question you have to leave a message and they can take a couple of weeks to back to you. I find if you leave a pretty unfriendly message they get back to you a bit quicker. Finally, we have damaged ours a couple of times, such as I backed it into a tree in Cape York and although we were fully covered by our insurance we had to wait 6 months for the parts to come from Track Trailer before it could be repaired. Track Trailer don't keep spare parts and you have to order them so your part goes in the line with all the other peoples new campers being made. I would hate to damage it badly whilst in the middle of nowhere and have to wait for parts. I guess I would get it towed home and get it fixed here.

Having said this, I would definitely buy another one. We absolutely love it and love going away in it. Whenever we set up next to all our friends campers, it definitely stands out as being far better quality. In fact, we plan to keep it for about another 5 years and then move up to the Track Trailer Topaz.