Elliot Falls Camping Area

Jardine River National Park

Elliot Falls camping area - Jardine River National Park


Address:  Shelburne Queensland


GPS:    -11.385550, 142.412964


Cost:  $6.85 per person or $27.40 per family per night. For more information and to book click on the link below:

The Elliot Falls camping area is a large campsite within the Jardine River National Park.  There are 31 designated sites consisting of 16 tent sites, 9 sites suitable for camper trailers and 6 for commercial use only.  There are drop toilets picnic tables and firepits and water is available.  The walk to the falls is not very long and VERY much worth it.  There are no crocodiles in this water so swimming is a must!  To get to the this camping area from the south there is a deep waterhole creek crossing so make sure your vehicle is well equiped for this.  

Cost updated January 2022