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Devils Marbles

Northern Territory

Devils Marbles - Northern Territory


Address: Stuart Highway, Warumungu (approx 96 kms south of Tennant Creek). 

GPS: 20°34'5"S 134°15'51"E

Cost: $3.30 per adult and $1.65 per child per night.  Pay into envelope in post at the information board.  

Booking:  Bookings cannot be made at this campground.

The Devils Marbles camping area is a magical part of the outback where huge boulders pop out of the landscape as if having been placed there by a giant playing with marbles.  The car park forms the camping area and although it is quite large, it pays to arrive early enough to get a nice spot to camp for the night.  There are a number of drop toilets and covered picnic tables for use. 

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