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Dalhousie Springs Campground

Witjira National Park

Dalhousie Springs Campground - Witjira National Park


Address: There are three ways to get to Dalhousie Springs:

From the North via Mt Dare, from the South via the Oodnadatta Track and from the East via the Simpson Desert.  Follow the signs in all three cases.  All tracks here are 4WD and are subject to change due to road conditions. 

GPS: 26°25'23"S 135°30'13"E

Cost: To visit this campground you will need to have purchased a Desert Parks Pass which allows camping for periods of 21 nights at a time of camping at a time anywhere in the allocated parks. The pass is valid for one year. Click on:                                                                to buy.  

Booking:  Bookings cannot be made at this campground.

The Dalhousie Springs campground has the most gorgeous and warm spring of all the springs in the area.  The springs sits on the edge of the campground and 'noodles' are even provided for floating in the wonderfully warm water!

The campground itself is nice as well and boasts drop toilets and hot showers.  Although the track to this place can be a little treacherous at times, it is well worth the glorious soak at the end. 

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