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Cattai Camping Ground

Cattai National Park

Cattai Camping Ground -  Cattai National Park 

Address:  Arndells Trail, Cattai National Park

GPS: 33°33'16"S 150°53'29"E




Cost:  At time of Live2Camp visit the cost was $24 per site (included 2 persons).

The Cattai camping ground is a beautiful large open area with large shady trees.  It sits on the Hawkesbury River and boasts flushing toilets and hot showers!  There are plenty of firepits and covered picnic tables as well.

This property once belonged to a family who owned the area for many generations so there is a lot of history here.  The old homestead still stands and on the way into the campground you can stop and read all about it.   The road into this area is bitumen all the way into the campground.  

Up to date as of May 2017

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