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Captain Billy's Landing Camping  

Jardine River National Park

Captain Billy's Landing camping area - Jardine River National Park


Address:  Shelburne Queensland


GPS:   -11.631944, 142.856389


Booking:  You must book in advance. Check the booking website below for up to date price information and to book:

The Captain Billy's Landing camping area is a large open area next to the beach in the Jardine River National Park. There are no designated sites and you can set up anywhere.  It is generally quite windy so it pays to set up close to the brush at the rear of the camping area.  There is a large shelter with picnic tables and a drop toilet.  You can have fires here.  At low tide is a great time to walk around the rocks and listen out for the bats living in the caves on the cliff walls.  Really great spot.  The road into this camping area is graded dirt.  

Cost updated January 2022

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